Future events:

 March 24-26, 2019, Israel, 15th Karniel Computational Motor Control Workshop

 March 5, 2019, Italy, “Innovation in Rehabilitation Technologies" Workshop


Past events

 October 16 - 20, 2018, Italy, Kickoff Meeting


@Emaro lab (missing F Mastrogiovanni)

 The first plenary meeting of the virtual lab took place in Genova on Saturday. PI's Mastrogiovanni, Casadio, and Nisky presented the general vision of their research. Giulia Ballardini presented her ideas for developing novel somatosensori stimulation devices and Elisa Galofaro her work on force control. Roberta Del Rio, Robotics master student @ unige, discussed idea for master thesis in isreael (March-September 2019, fondo giovani scholarship)

 Lab members attended the ICNR conference in PIsa At the conference, PI's Casadio and Nisky co-organized with Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi a session on ‘Reshaping Perception and Action in Human-Machine Interfaces’. Students Chen Avraham, Giulia Ballardini and Elisa Galofaro presented their work.

 October 16th, 2018. Dr. Nisky lecture on surgical robotics for PhD and Master students on biomedical engineering, robotics engeneering, and EMARO @Unige